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Your partner for change in the clean energy sector

Verdian wants to be part of the solution, generating completely clean and renewable energy that contributes to Europe’s energetic independence from a green perspective, driving real change in the climate emergency.

Our team, suppliers, and customers are committed to fostering community ties and environmental protection, actively combating climate change, both globally and in the areas in which we operate.

How can we power you?

We want to make progress not only from a corporate vision, but also from a human perspective, putting our neighbours at the heart of the whole project.

Closer to our communities

At Verdian Power, we are close to the communities in which we operates. We work proactively to protect the natural environment and mitigate climate change, both globally and locally.

Putting people first

In particular, citizens living in rural areas and female students and professionals in STEM fields.

Being a part of the solution

Generating 100% clean energy that contributes to global sustainability and Europe’s energy independence.

Sustainability in everything we do

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